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When mulling over the purchase of a patient chair at an exhibit hall, what is the first thing most dentists do? Lie in the chair. Naturally, you want your patient to be comfortable. However, when we compare how many hours a year the average patient spends reclined in a dental chair (several hours), with the […]

It appears that we have been concerned about our smile for a long time … Even more than two thousand years ago there was already a concern for a good alignment of the teeth. Hippocrates, father of medicine, said, 400 years before our era: “if the teeth are diverted or displaced, it is necessary to […]

The dental unit: it is the center of your clinic, when it breaks you can no longer work, it must be reliable and have a technical service backed by a recognized company in the sector. But what else should you think about before buying a dental unit?

Questa is a small dynamic company close to you, whose job is to find answers to all your daily problems.    Their main goal is to build stable and lasting relationships with all customers, doing everything to meet their needs and offering: personalized service, listening and an innovative range. “UNITY IS STRENGTH !”

And one of the main problems hygienists are still facing is that patients cancel their teeth cleaning or don’t realize the necessity to come in on a regular basis. This leads to tooth decay and more invasive treatments. Here some tips to convince your patients of the necessity of this type of cleanings. Appointments to […]

In a dental clinic there are hundreds of elements to take into account, from the furniture and equipment that we will need to the cleaning protocol and security to follow. One of those things that we do not have in mind at the beginning is how the patient feels when entering the door for the […]

A lot of people don’t like going to the dentist. And they postpone their check-ups because of that fear, which results in more cavities and more intensive treatments. There are lots of things we can do to make them feel more relaxed, like a modern and colourful design in the dental office, putting on some […]

Ancar is proud to announce a new partner in the UK: JD Dental.  JD Dental is a business dedicated in providing a first-class service to dental professionals. Focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction they can offer technical support and sales on most leading brands of dental equipment.