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The importance of the Trendelenburg position in dental care. The Trendelenburg position is a long-standing and well-established method that has been used across various fields of medicine, such as surgery, shock and hypotension treatment, and respiratory treatments. In some disciplines, it’s still considered effective, but has been discontinued in others. Many pieces of the medical […]

With an aging population and more and more people undergoing more and more (aesthetic) dental treatments, the comfort of patients and dental staff is becoming more and more important in the dental clinic. This is not only reflected in the design of the dental office, but also in the equipment used. Dental professionals spend a […]

Questa is a small dynamic company close to you, whose job is to find answers to all your daily problems.  Their main goal is to build stable and lasting relationships with all customers, doing everything to meet their needs and offering: personalized service, listening and an innovative range. “UNITY IS STRENGTH !”

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