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The dental aspiration system is one of the most important elements in a dental practice. As we explained in a previous post, there are many things you should know before acquiring one type of system or another, according to the needs of your clinic.

In each dental unit there can be different ways of controlling the dental instruments, either by means of a standard pedal, a wireless pedal or a touch screen. Technological advances mean that dental equipment is modernized and transformed very quickly, from traditional models of dental chairs to the latest technological developments.

The dental suction system is one of the most important elements within a Dental Unit. The first time this concept was discussed was in 1961, when the German manufacturer Dürr Dental made the first dental aspiration system. This small invention completely transformed the way of working of dentists, who began to treat their patients horizontally […]

A dental unit is the necessary work tool of every dental professional. This dental unit consists of specific parts that include the dental chair, stool, lighting, hydric box, aspiration, cuspidor and other elements that we will explain below. According to the line, the range and brand of the dental chair, those items will be different […]

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