A little bit of history

Today is Saint John’s Eve, La Revetlla de Sant Joan or the Nit del Foc (night of fire) as the Catalans call it. It is one of the most important traditional celebrations in Catalonia. A magical night, where bonfires and fireworks are the real protagonists and everyone should experience this night at least once in life. Continue reading

Innovate or die. The widely known saying is without a doubt applicable to any situation. This proverb alludes to the healthy need to make changes, both in a personal and professional context. In this article, we will talk about the innovation that can be implemented in a dental clinic, and the optimal process to carry out so that the improvements sought are achieved.  Continue reading

The importance of the Trendelenburg position in dental care.

The Trendelenburg position is a long-standing and well-established method that has been used across various fields of medicine, such as surgery, shock and hypotension treatment, and respiratory treatments. In some disciplines, it’s still considered effective, but has been discontinued in others. Many pieces of the medical furniture that we sell here at Health and Care mention the Trendelenburg Position but if that’s all Portuguese to you, this article will help straighten it all out.  Continue reading

It appears that we have been concerned about our smile for a long time …

Even more than two thousand years ago there was already a concern for a good alignment of the teeth. Hippocrates, father of medicine, said, 400 years before our era: “if the teeth are diverted or displaced, it is necessary to unite them with a thread of gold “. Continue reading