In a dental clinic there are hundreds of elements to take into account, from the furniture and equipment that we will need to the cleaning protocol and security to follow. One of those things that we do not have in mind at the beginning is how the patient feels when entering the door for the first time.

And although it may seem less important, the reception and the waiting room is the is the first thing the pacient sees and therefore will affect the first impression. That is why it is essential to transmit an image of confidence, security, professionalism and credibility from the first second.

It already begins with a good first impression when the patient goes to the practice. Is your dental clinic easy to find? The logo has to be visible, the door well indicated, and it must be accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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Reception of a dental clinic

The reception area is the previous step to the waiting room of the dental clinic. This part must generate a very good first impression to the patient. Important elements are: the treatment received, the cleanliness of the place, the information given or the waiting time. All this affects in one way or another the way in which the patient perceives the experience, so you must take care of these little details to the fullest.

It is important to give customers a warm welcome once they have arrived. Make sure the client feels seen at the counter through eye contact and a greeting, regardless of the phone that is ringing or administrative work that has to be done. Also take a look at hospitality in large companies and hotels. How do they approach this? The receptionist is not only there for administration, but he or she is also a “host(ess)” who greets the client and points the way to the waiting room or treatment room with a smile.

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Waiting room in a dental clinic

If you are thinking about opening your own dental clinic, one of the topics you will have to think about is the decoration and furniture you will need for the waiting room and reception. Both the colors, the design, and the furniture is essential to make a pacient feel at ease. Next, we give you 8 tips to you certainly must take into account:

The interior of a waiting room and reception room is very important because it gives the patient a first impression. It must convey the values ​​of the clinic. If the waiting room is neglected or outdated, the patient will associate it with obsolete practices and techniques and a careless approach. A well-kept waiting room, modern but welcoming, has a good influence on the mood of the patient. Patients with fear of the dentist will feel more at ease.

Investigate what makes your clinic exceptional. Why do patients return? Maybe it’s the personal treatment? We have to see the interior and decoration as an extension of corporate identity and website. Hire a photographer to take fun photos of the team and give them a prominent place on the wall. Does the area where your clinic is located have a beautiful history? Refer to the past with an artistic wall.

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Day light
Daylight reduces stress. Therefore, providing a waiting room with natural light is essential. The windows are always nice, but you can cover a part for more privacy.

Plants and flowers reduce stress. And another advantage of the plants is that they purify air and, therefore, good for the indoor climate. If you do not have the desire or time to water the plants, you can buy artificial plants in the best specialized store. Or, if the style of your clinic allows it, drawings or photos of plants or forests painted on the wall are always a success.

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Functional decoration
Remove those standard photo frames, chairs and racks. Of course, they are all necessary, but are they beautiful? Nowadays, a touch of creativity in the clinic is needed. Decorate your waiting room as your living room at home: with quality materials, original colours and design furniture.

In addition to the appearance of the waiting room, the most important thing for a patient is that the waiting time is the minimum possible. This means that the time between the data collection at the reception and the dentist can not exceed 15 minutes so as not to create a negative experience for the patient.

Finally, if you are in the process of creating your own dental clinic do not hesitate to contact us to get the best dental treatment units. In ANCAR we are defined by six basic pillars: Value, Design, Ergonomics, Technology, Flexibility and Human Factor.

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