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Treatment units with suspended chair and vertical elevation.
Open space under the chair, without obstacles, allowing total freedom of leg movement for dentists and their assistants.
Its ergonomic design means all the components are integrated and coordinated together, so that any dental work can be done as well, comfortably and efficiently as possible.
The perception of looking at such a technologically advanced, customisable and different treatment unit that it is almost unique, is transferred into the design and look of the consulting room. And, of course, made of aluminium.

Sd-550 Touch Expert

Electronic whip arm system unit

Sd-575 Touch Expert

Electronic hanging hose system unit

Sd-580 Touch Expert

Electronic unit + cart

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  1. Funtionality

    • Chair vertically suspended and raised to improve accessibility to the patient, with a lifting range from 380 to 800 mm to work standing or seated.
    • Connection box built into the water unit.
    • Up to 8 instruments: 5 in the main tray and 3 in the auxiliary support.
    • Multifunctional and proportional electronic pedal with water selection, micromotor reverse turn, “Chip blower function” and unit movements.
    • Auxiliary tray (310 x 410 mm) for small hand-instruments.
    • Possibility of turbine and micromotor (M40) interchange in the same hose.
    • Automatic ON/OFF lamp in rest and return to cuspidor position.
    • Individual water flow regulation for each instrument.
    • Quick connection Kit: USB 2.0 port built + air/water intake + output 230 V. installed as standard.
    • ON/OFF supplying water and air to the unit.
    • Programmable torch effect in selecting instruments with light.
    • Syringe 6F. Stainless steel installed as standard.

  2. Programming

    • Electronic unit controlled by microprocessor with “Touch Expert” display.
    • “Autotest” of the unit at start up.
    • Identification of the dental centre, date and time.
    • Programming for 4 different users and configuration of instruments for each one.
    • Programming of ultrasound work parameters in ENDO, PERIO, SCALER, work range, and instrument light intensity.
    • Adjustment of micromotor work parameters (with ENDO functions): torque control in Ncm, direct or reverse rotation, irrigation mode (spray/water), type of counter-angle and two types of speed: from 200 to 40,000 rpm and from 100 to 4,000 rpm.
    • Graphic display of ultrasound power level and real turbine working speed.
    • Statistics of the use of the unit: chair movements, instrument use, frequent warnings and recent warnings.
    • System for detecting and controlling faults or warnings.
    • Choice of language for working.
    • Countdown function.
    • Electronic adjustment of the cup water filling time and spittoon bowl flush with combined or individual setup.
    • “Update Device” system: includes the latest programming updates even years after purchase.
    • “Chip-blower” automatic programming.

  3. Ergonomícs

    • Electrically – operated chair with trendelenburg and 5 position memories (three for working, reset and return to cuspidor).
    • Diaphanous, obstacle-free space under the chair increasing work positions for dentist and assistants.
    • Multi – position articulated head with minimum height of 380 mm, facilitating treatments in the upper pieces.
    • Manually revolving spittoon bowl tray adaptable to the patient’s distance.
    • Chair movements available on control pedal and keypad (principle and assistant).
    • Arm and instrument tray with mechanical compensation and pneumatic brake: better handling with less effort.
    • Optional right-side arm turning through 1800.
    • Cannulas arm with adjustable height (3 positions).
    • Ergonomic headrest at the same level as the optional backrest.
    • Optional tight backrest.

  4. Safety Features

    • In support of auxiliary cannula, back and lower part of the chair.
    • In the chair upholstery when getting off.
    • Of movements by main and auxiliary keyboard.
    • On optional instruments (turbine, micromotor and ultrasound) through adjustor pedal.
    • In choosing a second instrument.
    • In turning spittoon bowl.
    • Unit designed in accordance with Health Product Directive 93/42/ CEE and whose design and construction comply with the requirements of dental product EN 1640 / IS O 7494 Standards, and IE C safety standards.

  5. Hygiene

    • Removable and autoclavable silicone instrument mat.
    • Standard suction hoses removable and thermo disinfected.
    • Easy-clean suction filter.
    • Removable spittoon bowl tray self-fixing at 1350.
    • Removable cup filler for easy cleaning.
    • Rotary instrument oil recuperator.
    • Designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.
    • “WEK” optional system for decontaminating water in instrument hoses.
    • Optional “H1” system for disinfecting suction hoses.
    • Amalgam separation for wet or dry suction systems.

  6. Materials

    • ALUMINIUM CORE: Unit, chair and pedal manufactured in light anti-corrosive aluminium alloy.
    • Porcelain cuspidor bowl.
    • “Standard” and “Soft drive” upholstery, high quality and hygienic, fireproof, steam and air permeable, highly elastic and pleasant feel.

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