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We here in Ancar want to offer the best Treatment Units, so we base our actions on six fundamental pillars:
Design, Technology, Ergonomics, Value, Flexibility and the Human Factor.

These principles form part of our identity and our way of working and we want the whole world to recognise it.

Our S3 range is unique in its field: An ergonomic unit with a brand-new design, more technology incorporated and the opportunity to choose between a standard chair or a knee-break chair.

Click on the items below to find out more features of our S5 range., or donwload the catalogue here.


  1. Security

    • Securities in support of auxiliary cannulas, backrest and base of the chair. 
    • Movement security through the main keyboard and assistant keyboard. 
    • Securities in the optional instruments (turbine, micromotor and ultrasound) by means of the pedal 
    • Security in the selection of a second instrument. 
    • Unit designed in accordance with the directive on medical devices, whose design and construction meets the applicable safety requirements of the dental product standards and IEC standards.
    • Hydric box on the floor for greater stability.

  2. Hygiene

    Easy cleaning and impeccable hygiene in the dental clinic is our mission. We know that wasting time disinfecting some parts after each consultation can be time consuming. That’s why our equipment is designed to make your life easier. Removable and autoclavable silicone instrument holder. Easy cleaning suction filter. 
    • Standard removable and thermodisinfectable suction hoses. 
    • Removable and autoclavable cuspidor cup (at 135 degrees Celsius).
    • Removable cup tap for easy cleaning.
    • Oil recovery of the rotary instruments.
    • Optional “WEK” system to decontaminate water in the instrument hoses.
    • Optional “H1” system for the disinfection of suction hoses.
    • Amalgam recovery systems and dry or wet suction.

  3. Materials

    ALUMINUM CORE Unit, PATIENT CHAIR and pedal made of light alloy anticorrosive ALUMINIUM.

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