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We here in Ancar want to offer the best Treatment Units, so we base our actions on six fundamental pillars:
Design, Technology, Ergonomics, Value, Flexibility and the Human Factor.

These principles form part of our identity and our way of working and we want the whole world to recognise it.

Our S3 range is unique in its field: An ergonomic unit with a brand-new design, more technology incorporated and the opportunity to choose between a standard chair or a knee-break chair.

Click on the items below to find out more features of our S3 range., or donwload the catalogue here.


Make work easier

Technological advances allow us to help make professionals’ work easier and achieve the expected results with their patients. One of ANCAR’s objectives when creating new treatment units is to simplify the work of dentists to the greatest extent possible, thus optimising their time and providing better benefits. Look at what our S5 range offers:

  1. New Touch Screen
    • IPS technology (visibility of the screen from any angle).
    • The touch screen can be installed on the right or left, to your liking.
    • Individual and digital regulation, through the touch screen, of the water flow for each instrument.
    • Identification of the clinic, the date and time and the possibility to add the clinic’s logo on each screen.
    • Programming of multiple users and configuration of the instruments and movement memories for each of them.
    • Programming of scaler work parameters in ENDO, PERIO, SCALER, working range, and light intensity in the instruments.
    • Adjustment of the operating parameters of the micromotor (with ENDO functions): torque control in Ncm, direct or reverse rotation, irrigation mode (spray, torque control in Ncm, direct or reverse rotation, irrigation mode (spray / water / air), type of contra angle and two types of speeds: from 200 to 40,000 rpm and from 100 to 4,000 rpm.
    • Graphic visualization of the power level of the scaler, micromotor, turbine and the real working speed of the turbine.
    • Possibility to adjust the chair’s speed from the screen
    • Possibility of regulating the intensity of the lamp from the screen
    • Warnings detection and control system.
    • Selection of the working language.
    • 3 different timers possible and all 3 can work at the same time.
    • Electronic regulation of time water glass filling and water in spittoon
    • System “Update Device”: incorporates the latest updates even years after its acquisition.
    • Automatic “Chip-blower” programming.
    • Programmable flashlight effect in the selection of instruments with light.
    • Statistics on the use of the unit: movements of the chair, use of instruments, frequent notices and recent notices.
    • Downloadable user manual from the screen
    • The contact information of the distributor or technician is recorded on the
    • Touch Screen and in case of breakdown a message appears with the telephone number of the technician.
  2. More Technological Advantages
    • Automatic ON / OFF of the lamp when in position zero and when returning to the spittoon.
    • Activation of the lamp with the pedal handle.
    • The units have new motors, which means that the movement of the chair is softer and silent.
    • The new power supply has more filters that filter the current and avoid interference with other machines.
    • Integrated aspiration connection.
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