ANTONI CARLES, SA, hereinafter ANCAR, as a manufacturer of medical devices, has established its strategy:

· Provide dental treatment units that offer the best possible experience to professionals and their patients through specialized solutions, and with the best conditions of health, safety, use, comfort, and efficiency.

· To be the leading brand in the international optical and dental sector, offering the best product through creativity, differentiation, quality, technological capacity, connectivity, and being a driving force to advance people's health.

To achieve this, it is committed to:

· Be a high-performance company, being ambitious to surpass the competition.

· Be a customer-oriented company, making the customer our favorite partner.

· To be a human company, which has a strong team passionate about its work, working as a team for the common objective of the company.

· Be a company with values:
- Social, collaborating to contribute to the improvement of the health and living conditions of the surrounding communities,
- Environmental, based on a circular economy, waste minimization and use of renewable energy,
- Economical, which allows sustainable, responsible and respectful growth

· Be a responsible company that complies with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Vilassar de Mar, on May 7th, 2024