In 90% of the occasions we blame food, but there are studies that confirm that, more times than we imagine, everything begins in our mouth.  There is a close relationship between oral health and our general health.  The mouth reflects signs and symptoms of health and disease, even some diseases that affect the body can have their first manifestation in the oral cavity. In addition, in the mouth we can see some lesions that can alert us to vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies or nutrient deficiencies. 


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What are the causes?

Our mouth contains various bacteria, including those related to dental cavities, periodontal diseases, and diseases that affect general health. These bacteria are usually kept under control with good oral hygiene, such as daily brushing and flossing.

However, when bacteria grow out of control they can lead to gum infections. The mouth then becomes a direct entry point for bacteria into the blood. But not only bacteria can cause health problems outside the mouth. In addition, the lack of teeth, dental asymmetry or crowded teeth that do not generate a good bite, can also be responsible for many digestive problems.



And the symptoms?

Problems in our mouth can cause our stomach to not assimilate food correctly.

This problem can cause some discomforts such as: stomach pain, heartburn, flatulence, gas, vomiting, nausea, bad breath, etc.



What can I do besides going to the dentist to improve my digestive health?

Once the problem has been diagnosed, you can put these habits into practice to help you digest better:

  • Establish fixed times to eat, since the body is custom.
  • Include in your daily diet proteins that stimulate the creation of digestive enzymes and, above all, do not forget fibers and fruits that help intestinal regularity, prevent constipation and metabolize food better.
  • Hydration is very important. Drinking water promotes digestion. But you have to try not to drink excessive amounts of water with meals. It is recommended two hours before or two hours after eating.
  • Probiotics: these are microorganisms that remain active in the body and help the bacterial flora in the digestive process. Some foods rich in probiotics are fresh yogurts, kefir, jocoque, sauerkraut …
  • Practice sports regularly, even in winter.



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