Plastic is widely used in various day to day essentials but how often do we consider the longterm impact of plastic on the environment versus other sustainable alternatives? Aluminium is a great metal that is light and malleable but also very strong. Because of these properties, aluminium can be used to make a variety of things, from planes and cars to skyscrapers to food packaging.

Today we are going to talk to you about aluminium and why it is a more sustainable alternative to plastic.home-3

First of all, aluminium is much more durable than plastic. When we compare a dental unit out of plastic covers and one that is made out of aluminium, you will see that after some years the white plastic parts will become yellow. Plastic is also more fragile when it comes to most cleaning products and will dry and crack  more easily.

Second, aluminium is perfect to be reused or repurposed (almost forever). In fact, about 75% of aluminium ever made is still in use today. When looking from the environmental impact lens, plastic is much more hazardous than aluminium.


As it is infinitely recyclable (meaning it does not lose it’s quality when recycled unlike plastic) recycling aluminium saves more than 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminium. Whereas, many plastics in use today cannot be recycled at all as they’re difficult to get rid of since they don’t degrade or decompose. And when they are recycled, they lose their quality and continue to drop in quality until it can no longer be recycled. Therefore, making aluminium is a much more sustainable alternative to plastic.


At Ancar we are environmentally conscious and prefer sustainable and durable materials that are more eco-friendly and long lasting.  We work with a local aluminium foundry, and mil and mount the pieces ourselves with care and dedication. To deliver a quality dental unit that will last for decades.


Sd-550 aluminium body

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