Good news

28Apr 2018

We received the visit of our distributor DMS-Dental Medical Supplies, together with doctors and dentistry students from Lebanon. We offered a company presentation and a guided tour of our facilities. Thank you very much for visiting Ancar, we hope to see you again soon!

13Jun 2017

The Portuguese magazine “Saúde Oral” published by the IFE group, has organized the “Saúde Oral 2017” awards in order to distinguish and recognize the best dental practices in the country. Voting has been once again carried out through an e-voting system and fulfilled exclusively by dentists and stomatologists.

In this votation are taken into consideration important features such as  ergonomics, durability, after-sales service, usability and much else,


With this new award, Ancar confirms once again its quality!

01Apr 2016



Dental unit with vertical lift that complements the wide range of Ancar products. The NEW S7, has been manufactured with passion and with the aim of offering the doctors de unit they have been waiting!

Reasons to choose the new S7?

  • Front view of the patient.
  • No distortional midline view.
  • Accurateness in occlusal records.
  • Better communication in between doctor and patient.
  • Possibility of frontal photography.
  • Easy accessibility for elderly and disabled people.
  • Ideal for cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and general treatments.
  • Speed control (two different speeds to choose).
  • Reduction of the visual impact thanks to its design.
  • Wider clinic space sensation.
  • Improvement of ergonomics at work.
  • Joystick for movements control.
  • Joystick for memories.
  • Extensible automatic reclining footrest.
  • Knee break of 90º.
  • Up to four securities.
01Apr 2016



Versatility and functionally at the highest level guarantee patients well being for optimum orthodontic treatments..

  • Ambidextrous instrument support. Specially designed for left and right users.
  • Up to 5 positions: suction hose / 3F syringe / turbine / electric micro-motor / scaler (optional)
  • Hidden cables inside the instruments support arm.
  • Safety switch at the instruments support arm.
  • Integrated tray for small hand instruments.


01Apr 2016



Practicality and comfort at work are the result of a single decision:

“Where to install it?”

  • Instrument support adaptable to different bases: (furniture, wall…)
  • Produced in Aluminium, including suction hose, 3F syringe, turbine and electric micro-motor with or without light.


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