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Equipo dental ergonómico

For dental professionals, it’s important to make quick purchase decisions when replacing broken equipment or to take advantage of “limited-time pricing.” While equipment and technology are necessary for doing your best work, they can also be expensive and set you on a constant chase for the latest and greatest tools. Continue reading

Visit us at ADF in Paris.

As every year, Ancar is present at the ADF show in Paris and this year, we will again bring you the latest novelties in terms of dental units. Continue reading

Equipo dental ergonómico

To properly develop the work in a dental clinic, it is essential that the equipment meets a series of requirements and meets the needs of the dentist. On the one hand, its appearance must convey an adequate and professional image, but, in addition, it is necessary to take care of the well-being and comfort of patients and of the professional team that works in the office for hours. And one of the most important elements of the equipment is to have a modern dental chair. Dental chairs in dentistry are part of the basic furniture in a clinic and must be renewed every so often, as they can become outdated and unsafe (because of ergonomic reasons). We present a list of reasons why renovation and having a modern dental chair that offers more comfort to both the dentist and patients is necessary.

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Distribuidor equipos dentales Dental Showcase

BDIA Dental Showcase is the largest dental exhibition in the UK. Whether you want to experience first-hand a particular product or item of equipment that you’re considering purchasing, you’re interested to see how new developments are influencing the sector, or perhaps you’ve recently started a new role and want to find out more about a particular field of dentistry – Showcase has everything packed into one location! And Ancar will be present, as always! Come and discover the latest technology in dental units and be surprised by our ergonomic features and special discount rates. You can find us at stand J19.


firma bdia
Looking forward to your visit!

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All dentists will agree with this. Their work can be difficult and extremely physical. These professionals perform a wide variety of treatments, which involve a wide variety of positions, postures and movements, which together can make dental work exhausting work. So we can say that a good design in the dental clinic is very important.

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Ancar Dental

As little as we think about it, toothpaste is an essential item that we use every day. Everyone knows that they are supposed to brush their teeth at least twice a day, and it’s surprisingly very common to run out of toothpaste more quickly than it seems they should. A good question is “How much toothpaste should I be using?” The amount is simple for adults and children, but do we use too much or not enough? Continue reading

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