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The FOUR Factors…


How can smaller dental practices keep up with the technological pace set by larger practices or dental groups?

Written by Joan Fernandez, Published in Modern Dentist issue 3, 2018

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Our Family grows


Ancar will shortly incorporate the Bien Air MC3 micromotor as an option.
With vibration-free operation from 60 to 40,000 rpm, the MC3 brush micromotor has a versatility that sets it apart.
Also available in Micro-Series version with short nose and LED light with adjustable intensity.
Prized and recommended for its reliability and endurance, the MC3 has been proving its worth for many years.
With a rotation speed ranging from 60 to 40,000 rpm, the performance it offers is remarkable.

Smoking was often sold to us in the past as a lifestyle choice which makes us cool and on trend. However, a recent change to our thinking and certain legislative changes all over the world have brought massive restrictions in the sale of tobacco and cigarettes.  Continue reading

Your dental practice is more than just a clinic – it’s also a business, and if you want this business to be successful then it means making use of all marketing and promotional tools at your disposal. One powerful tool are photographs.

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We received the visit of our distributor DMS-Dental Medical Supplies, together with doctors and dentistry students from Lebanon. We offered a company presentation and a guided tour of our facilities. Thank you very much for visiting Ancar, we hope to see you again soon!

In the age of social networks, we are increasingly concerned about our physical appearance and if before it was already important to take care of your smile, now it has become something crucial. We’re happy to report that the selfies trend increases the importance of oral hygiene in daily life and can actually help improving your brushing skills.

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